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Welcome to the home of the The Nelson surname DNA Project: This is a Y-chromosome DNA test limited to male Nelson descendants, from unbroken lines of male Nelson's.

We are still working on our site so please bear with us and visit again soon.

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EDWARD NELSON (1738-1826)

  1. Edward Nelson, born 29 Jun 1738 in VA, and died Bet. 1803 - 1805 in Bourbon Co. KY.
  2. Jemima Nelson, born abt: unknown - died: aft. 1830, in Kentucky
  3. Reuben Nelson born 1806 near Richmond, Madison Co. KY died about 1857 in Freeman, Cass Co. MO (grand-son by marriage of Edward Nelson. It is not known at this time whether Reuben Nelson and Edward Nelson were related by blood).
  4. Hector Louis Nelson born August 4, 1837 near Richmond, Madison Co. KY died July 2, 1900 in Freeman Cass Co. MO
  5. Horace Edward Nelson born April 24, 1859 in Freeman, Cass Co. MO died October 29 in Hollis, Harmon Co. OK
  6. Louis Garrett Nelson born October 13, 1890 in Freeman, Cass Co. MO died June 29 1956 in Hollis Harmon Co. OK

Note: Cass Co. MO was Van Buren Co until 1849 when they changed the name.

EDWARD NELSON Descendants Report (.pdf)